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So you're probably can I cheat without cheating? 

Are you really ready to learn about this?

Here we go. Food is more than just taste, more than swallowing, more than aroma, more than the preparation or how it looks. It "is" about texture. And there are just some textures that we really really miss when on a slimming program of any type. Take for instance pasta. Pasta comes in all kinds of shapes, size, and flavors. What is your favorite pasta texture? Angel Hair? Rotini?

and what about bread? When you are sitting in a restaurant while dieting and they bring out FRESH, hot steaming bread, and you can smell the aroma and it taunts you? What can you do? How can you cheat without cheating? 

Well, what I found that supported me may surprise you. But IT WORKED!

I found that I could put a piece, just ONE piece of pasta or a pinch of the bread into my mouth, gum it around, chew on it like chewing gum and then discreetly spit the wad out. Oh Yes, I said spit it out. Who said you have to swallow?

I found that I got the flavor and the texture and didn't need to put in a 2nd piece. Did this ever save me. And...I felt like I wasn't sacrificing either. It really wasn't the temptation that I thought it might be. One day, I thought I really wanted a tortilla chip so I put that in my mouth and kind of tasted it and realized that it didn't even taste good to me. I had satisfied the urge but didn't add any calories.

I first saw this technique with my friend Joyce O'Brien while in Palm Springs at a Spa. The restaurant brought out this beautiful looking dessert. I mean, one that screams: EAT ME! Something like the dessert that you see here. She explains, you can actually take a bite, taste the flavor, enjoy the dessert and then just spit it out. Then she asks if it's okay with us if she does that. Well, I was intrigued. So, I tried it myself. And gosh darn it. It worked. So when I found myself craving something. Wanting a crunchy item or whatever the craving was...I taste, roll around my tongue and find a discreet way of removing it before swallowing. Try it and share your comments here.

Come back often, I have other ways of cheating without cheating that I will be sharing with you.

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