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One thing that I loved about the HCG diet was that you aren't supposed to exercise heavily while on it. You can't. Why? Your body needs glucose aka the carbs to keep going. Fat burns way too slowly to give your muscles the burst of energy they need. STILL WE DO NEED EXERCISE TO INCREASE our oxygen levels and build muscle.

I would rather take a walk around the neighborhood, run up and down my stairs 15x than go to a club to work out. I do have a membership but I'd rather stay home and so now I do.

Most of the time, my brain tricks me into thinking that other things are way more important than spending time working out and increasing the oxygen in my body.

But...I found I loved to exercise with my dog. I call it DOG YOGA. Romeo weights 14 pounds so I pick him up in my arms and do lifts and curls with him in my arms. He loves the attention. That's the height of multi-tasking when you get pet time while exercising. i also let him sit on my belly when I am doing sit ups. He knows right where to go and hops on when he sees me in position. When I run up and down the stairs 15 times, he runs right beside me. I love the company and now look forward to exercise.

if you have a pet, perhaps you can create your own form of exercises that work for you.

I've also purchased a blue tooth for my blackberry and now do most of my return business calls and social calls while walking outside. I've walked around my neighborhood for as long as two hours. I found that I lost 0.8 of a pound the next day as a result. Try that too, you might just start liking it.

Romeo says, "Get off your duff and exercise with your pet! 

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