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Measuring Food Made EZ!

Yes, you need to measure your food but only until you start getting really good at knowing just how much food you are eating. I found that when I naturally poured milk or a creamer into my coffee or chai that I would pour the container in such a way that 1 and 1/2 ounces would come out. Since 1.5 ounces was way over my daily allotment, I had to get smart about this measuring thing. 1 and 1/2 oz is 3 US T!!

Well, on the diet (P2 Stage) ...I was allowed only 1 Tablespoon so how did that translate into ounces or those tiny little portions you see on a table in a restaurant or in your hotel room? I had to know. So thanks to the internet, I got help. 

I found this helpful website: You can click on the link if you want to check it out.

You may use this cooking conversion table if you are converting from tablespoons (tbsp) to milliliters (ml) for the values listed in the table below.

1 US Tablespoon = 14.7867648 Milliliters ------ 1 Milliliter = 0.0676280454 US Tablespoon

(the Dollar Store sells medicine droppers that you can travel with so that you can measure out ...exactly what you need/want.) You can't always travel with a Tablespoon or a Teaspoon set.

! US Tablespoon = 3 Teaspoons = 1/2 oz

1 Teaspoon is 4.9 ML.

Oh and this is a U.S. measurement, not a U.K. measurement.

Now why is this a need to know kind of thing? I cannot drink coffee without milk or creamer and since I was only allowed ! Tablespoon, and I travel all the time, I had to get really good at figuring out just how much I could have that would make the coffee LOOK AND TASTE right to me. Coffee was my dessert and treat while traveling. I got really really good at asking Starbucks Baristas to take the skim milk and froth it just right and ONLY PUT THE TOP OF THE FROTHING on my coffee. If you say: Pretty Please...I've lost 20 pounds, or whatever..and I don't want to gain them back. They WANT to help you.

Then I would add cinnamon powder and/or my Liquid Stevia in it to make it really great.

So how many ml's are in one of those darn little creamers we see at restaurants?

The answer is: 11 ml's inside a Nestle Coffee Mate Original and it usually takes 3 of them to satisfy my cream tooth in my coffee. So basically 2/3 of a Tablespoon.

1 US Tablespoon is 1/2 oz. and I like 1.5 oz or 3 T of creamer in my cup of Joe. So that's 3x what I was allowed. Hardly worth teasing myself with but in the end..I created my own creamer substitute that worked and only had 15 calories per serving. Recipe will be revealed when I get to creating a recipe page.




Salter 051 Kitchen Scale / Food Scale ONLY $10 to $14 bucks and it fit into the plastic container that you see on top of the scale. I could even store food in that plastic container. It was awesome and didn't drive me crazy like the expensive digital scales.

Well I only tried 3 until I found the one that I liked the best. I found this one at Target and was the least expensive and easiest to travel with.  

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