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Wow! Would you look at my BEFORE DIET PHOTO HERE! and then check out my AFTER. It's no wonder, even though I was happy and vibrant that I realized that I just HAD TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT MY BODY, MY Relationship to Food and to my SELF-CARE!

It took me staring at my latest video where I was teaching singles how to Flirt and NOT Look LIKE they were in Heat! (Found on and seeing how really really BIG I WAS to really do something about ME!!!

I was even more determined to succeed. I make over everything I touch. The clients I coach, their love life, their businesses, my homes, and more but I couldn't seem to MAKE OVER MY OWN BODY! And i announced in July that i was going to go on the scariest journey ever for me. You see, even though, I found the dream man, the dream home, the dream life, the dream career...and I had a lot of energy. Ask anyone. I was healthy too...but secretly, I felt trapped in my body. I just couldn't ever lose more than the same ten pounds, over and over and over.

Then, I watched my friend and neighbor lose weight. She said: Honestly, it's the easiest diet ever. Then a fellow colleague, another #1 dating coach friend of mine came to visit. She warned me ahead of time: I don't want you to get worried when you see me. I've lost a lot of weight. Sure enough. She had. Both of my friends had used the same diet.

I bought the HCG. It sat in a box waiting for me to be ready. To do my research. To find the right time. Then my girlfriend said: Write a note on your hand and look at it. Write on your hand today's reason why you aren't starting this diet. i.e. I am traveling. I am mad at my boyfriend. I am under too much stress. Yadda Yadda. Well, then I spend time with my girlfriend, Joyce O'Brien of Choose to

She's living proof that you can become cancer free. She stressed to me since last Dec. that one teaspoon full of sugar will depress the immune system for 6 whole hours. And....when you eat sugar it actually FEEDS CANCER! My other gf, Kelley does the PET Scans for cancer at the hospital. They give patients glucose water (Sugar Water) to drink to prepare them. Why? Because the sugar will go right to any cancer in the BODY!! I mean why don't we know this stuff?

So I give up sugar and start exercising and I lose 10 pounds without the HCG diet. Cool! I am happy about that. But...I wanted more.

So I broke out the HCG box and mixed up the drops and planned my first two days, where are the PIG OUT DAYS and went on from there. I have learned so much about myself, my body, food, emotions that I could write for days. But, what I want to do is just give you all of the tips that I created for myself along the way that made it so EZ! Here's just one of my after Photos:

Take a look at these photos: I didn't sacrifice. I ate well. I loved my food. Most days, I felt so full, that I wondered how I was going to eat everything that I was supposed to eat. Now, it's a way of life for me. I can walk right by COCONUT CUSTARD PIE and it doesn't talk to me anymore. can't even tell me how good it is.  

Wasabi paste was yummy in my crab, the garlic was always great in my broth and cooking my chicken breasts. The Thai seasoning was fantastic in EVERYTHING. And the Salad sprays were great on my veggies and salad. Not shown here was the Cesar Salad actual favorite but I forgot it in Cleveland. 

The noodles I eat ...the brown one has seaweed in it, you don't taste it but I like it better and this one I can cut my noodles to whatever size I want. The white ones to the right are called Butterfly shaped. Great in broth.

Well, I just found out that I can add a list of products that I buy and eat on this diet. The ones I recommend with personal notes on how I used them at Amazon. Cool! One Stop Shopping! I even had food delivered to my hotel and to my Ohio house when I knew I was going to be there. Bear with me if this list only shows the Miracle Noodles ....I've added the Stevia, my scale, my favorite Lemon Pepper Tuna Steak, good cold or hot, ....I always have packets of these with me in the car or one in my purse. This way, if I get hungry...I won't be eating anything bad for me. Ask my friend Christine Kloser...she saw me eat the tuna steaks alot in Maui at

12/24/2011 Check out the NEW PRODUCT I just found...the MISTO! No more Pam. I can use my favorite brand of virgin olive oil in the Misto. Pour in 3 oz of olive oil and it sprays a very very light spray of olive oil. 

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