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You all know here how i've lost /shed my weight but I have to say that it wasn't ONLY the HCG. It took alot more than that. I truly believe that my success has come from many different areas.

The Sensa diet where you sprinkle some powder on your food is basically a fancy form of MSG that is flavored so that people feel more satisfied with the food that they are already eating. Some people reduce the amounts they are taking in and lose weight. Others don't. Exercise IS required with Sensa. ( I HAVE NOT TRIED SENSA.)

With HCG, only light exercise works during the P2 stage. in p3 and 4, yes you will want to exercise to build muscle, tone, firm, and create a better food burning machine.

Part of my success with the HCG diet is that I DID provide myself with sensory food. Meaning...I made sure I had candles that I could smell a few times a day. I cooked with garlic so that I could experience not just the taste of the food but also the fragrant smells. I also believe that Trader Joe's Naturally Smoked Sea Salt did it's part. I am thinking that it acted alot like the MSG which I would never want in my food did for the Sensa users.

I always made sure that I traveled with FRESH ROSEMARY to put in my soups and just to plain hold in my hand and smell.

I learned this from a famous Chicago restaurant called: MOTO. The restaurant is one of the TOP TEN MOLECULAR Restaurants in the country. The owner/chef uses all kinds of tricks to enhance the food experience. One of them was a specially designed fork that you eat with that holds spices in it. Fresh spices like basil or rosemary. So long as you are using the fork while eating his specially prepared food with the combination of the food on the was AS IF, the spices themselves were infused in the food. INGENIOUS!

Most people would agree that FRESHLY GROUND BLACK PEPPER on our food is way better than powdered flakes sprinkled from a stale tin. Why? It's a NOW experience. You hear the grinder, you see the pepper, you smell it and then taste it. It's a multi-sensory experience of food. Coffee is also a bit like this too.

The fragrance of Coffee in the air gives one the experience of Coffee without indulging. The fragrance of Chocolate is CALORIE-FREE. 

USING AROMAS to satisfy: Using Aromas need to be done in such a way that you don't CRAVE and EAT fatty, high sugar foods. And this is what I was able to do with my foods during these past few months.

I even found an amazing candle maker which used Shea Butter, Soy, and 100% pure essential oils that I buy candles that smell like POMEGRANATE. It's heavenly. And...several times a day, when I was craving something or just needed to distract myself from food, I would pick it up and EXPERIENCE the aromatic fragrance. When I was completely in THE MOMENT with the essential oil candle...cheating on my diet just plain didn't and wouldn't occur.

Cinnamon candles, Pumpkin Spice, Key Lime, and Coffee flavored candles work great. I draw the line at candles that smell too much like chocolate or cinnabuns or pound cake. I am going to find out where to get those forks where you can entwine fresh herbs and experiment myself at my own dinner parties.

Get really really GOOD at allowing yourself to EXPERIENCE the aroma of food without having to be TEMPTED. Even at a movie theatre where they are popping kernels. YES< it can be done. And YOU can do it. You can FREE yourself from the domination of food.

Food Texture is also important...and I will also be creating a page on how to Cheat without Cheating.

If you have anything to contribute to these pages that you think will help others..send the info to


Go EAT AT MOTO in Chicago if you ever get the chance.

Chef Homaro Cantu breaks all the rules, blazing trails that are both uncharted and titillating for those who view dining as a theatrical, multi-sensory affair. For example, Cantu might wrap sushi rolls not in the typical seaweed, but with flavored, edible "paper." Food-based inks create colorful images. Menus (edible, too) are sometimes flavored like main course dishes, and pictures might take on sensory properties (i.e. an image of a cow smacks of steak). Truly, this minimalist spot in the ever-hopping Fulton Market District is mind-blowing, and you will pay for the experience in kind. Because Cantu respects---and readily utilizes---fresh organic products, dishes often are served raw or lightly cooked using the sous-vide technique or specialized polymer oven boxes. Herbs might entwine in Cantu's patented fork handles. Boxes filled with Pacific Ocean water could conceivably bake fish. Other weird food science projects might include quail with “Cracker Jack” and freeze-dried piña colada and doughnut soup. Each evening, the chef presents ten-course ($135) and 20-course ($195) menus, introducing guests to his post-modern cuisine. Fortunately, the servers know what they are presenting; unless explained to the diner, it can be difficult to interpret menu descriptions (crêpes, Denver omelet, cereal flakes---as nothing is what it seems). Every aspect of the restaurant operation has been carefully planned; Cantu's three-year sous chef stint at Charlie Trotter's shows. Expect a well-researched wine list and culinary---if often strange---cocktails.

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