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Traveling and Dieting. Eating Out and Cooking Awesome Food in YOUR HOTEL ROOM or anywhere.

I travel nearly 2 weeks out of every month so I can't and won't use travel as an excuse to not take care of my food needs. There are ways to make it all happen and it doesn't have to be a big deal, take a lot of time, etc. In fact, it can save you time and money. When I was in Maui, if I ordered just a side of broccoli, steamed it would only cost me $5. But if I ordered a full meal it would be $25.

Then I would eat my Tuna Steak-lemon pepper by Bumble Bee as my protein and I was a happy camper. It never took them long to get me the broccoli. So I save a lot of waiting time too.

When I travel by car I bring a cooler on wheels with my veggies and I also have this steamer to cook nearly all of my food too. It's FAST! I've cooked everything from Langostino's in it to Trader Joes Butterflied Garlic Seasoned Shrimp. And how yummy it is. This photo makes it look larger than what it is. It's truly my best friend. 

Oster Ckststmd5-w 5-quart Food Steamer, White by Oster

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. Gift-wrap available. ( I paid $19 at Kohls for this. And I've also seen them at CVS Pharmacy Stores. It's very light weight plastic and stacks inside of each other.

Even if you don't travel, you should use this at home. You won't forget this on the stove and burn your's on a timer that you set.



Cool Fusion Max ColdRoller 26 Qt. by IGLOO CONSUMER SERVICES

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