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Where I buy HCG, my Miracle Noodles, Melba Toast etc...

I had to do serious research to find all of the items I love to eat on this diet, including the liquid Stevia in different flavors because Whole Paycheck, aka Whole Foods only carried Vanilla or Clear. Boring!!! But, I make it EZ for you by giving you links to order via Amazon.

These links will take you right to where i order many of my foods, the HCG, etc...for my own use.

HCG: It's important to get REAL HCG. Not the homeopathic drops. The homeopathic versions will cause you to lose muscle mass and you will feel tired, cranky, and hungry. Click on the RX here and it will take you to a pharmacy. I order 3 bottles of 5,000 international units to mix my own drops. There are videos on YOUTUBE that explain how to mix them to make drops. Just do a search. I prefer drops over shots. You will need to take these bottles, open them up, remove rubber stopper and mix them yourself to make a liquid form. You will need to learn how to do this on your own. There are many YouTube vids showing how to do this and what to mix with. When I have more time, I will post more info on this here.

DOSAGE:Your daily dose should be approx 175 to 250 iu's per day divided into two (Once in the morning and once at night) according to everything I've read but do your own research.

The dosage that you take via drops is far far less than what someone would get prescribed if they were using HCG for fertility reasons. I prefer to mix my own because ...this way...I KNOW what it's being mixed with. Some people say: Mix it with Sterile Water, others say Colloidal Silver. Some say high grade proof Vodka, and others say Vit B-12. I finally decided on 100 proof Vodka which is 50% alcohol. I mix one 5,000 i.u. (international unit) bottle at a time with 15 cc of the Vodka. 

ORDER: THE HCG BY CLICKING this text or ON THE RX Symbol Above: It takes a few weeks to arrive so order it right away. Some people like the HUCOG and others like me prefer to order OVIDAC: 

Miracle Noodles: Asian Food Grocer and I order all of the different kinds that they have and they deliver fast. (I've seen the Shirutaki Noodles made from Yam Flour in Safeway now and Whole Foods but I wasn't impressed with the product at all.)

Melba Toast: I order from Amazon and directly from Old London. I personally like the garlic rounds and the Rosemary Olive Oil flavored. I know that they say you can also have the Grissini Bread Sticks but I never liked those and they were more difficult to find and order.

(Sometimes Target has them in stock. and occasionally SaveMart but I got tired of driving around trying to buy them and opted for to my door delivery. directly from the manufacturer, Old London.)

I've also found Dr. Spelt Crackers and order them from Amazon or get them from SaveMart or WholeFoods.

BONUS! At Trader Joe's: I found their Rosemary Raisin Crisps also worked in place of the Melba Toast and WOW DO I LOVE THOSE. and TJ's always has them in stock.

LIQUID STEVIA: I order Stevia from My favorite flavors so far are: Vanilla, Cinnamon, & Chocolate Raspberry. My friend Helen makes sugar free root beer by putting Root Beer Flavored Stevia in bubbly water. I am going to try that too.

Get up and dance !!! Do the Happy Dance with me! You're going to shed some pounds and lose some inches too.

These Drums gets me going.

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Check out my Amazon lists all the products I buy, where I get them and how I cook with them. Amazon Page is shown on my other pages here...stay tuned.

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